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Take the risk out of innovation by validating your venture in a short sprint. Find an audience with a proposition they want and engage them with a service they love. We build prototype brand propositions and service examples and test them with customers, fast. Because early customer testing delivers the most value.

Rapid idea generation, testing and iteration cycle

Phase 1
Your business

Phase 1 Your business

Observe and engage with stakeholders and your market to help define what makes you unique and begin to identify and align your business goals, target audience and problem statements you are focussed on solving.


Horizon mapping Building target customer profiles Identifying business goals Drafting customer interviews

Phase 2
Your customer

Phase 2 Your customer

Place your customer at the center of your strategy and develop meaningful brand propositions and services. Customer insight and feedback saves time and money and helps guide high fidelity solutions.


Interviewing new and existing customers Collating feedback Identifying foundations for proposition Identify foundations for Service

Phase 3
Prototype and test

Phase 3 Prototype and test

Synthesise your observations. Develop propositions and service moments to solve your problem statement. Test your ideas with users to get a clear view of how they behave, think and feel when interacting with your brand and service.


Drafting possible propositions Developing supporting service experiences Designing test and deliver test

Phase 4
Report back and document

Phase 4 Report back and document

Results from the testing phase will reveal insights about users which can form the foundations for a directional brand proposition and service moments that can be prioritised and developed according to business objectives.


Drafting proposition Service documentation Key customer messages Planning for phased delivery

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