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All over the UK there are industrial estates with rows of nondescript grey units. Pershore industrial estate, the home of TAD Electronics, is no different. But once you cross the threshold you are in a design and engineering business responsible for some unique products. They make devices that are essential for cargo, civil engineering and construction, cold chain logistics and marine monitoring. They also support ‘greentech’ start ups through mentoring and seed investment. So the TAD brand appeals to engineers from a wide range of disciplines and sectors.

Beyond business

TAD’s incredible problem solving skills means they can take projects from prototyping to manufacturing. It also means they can produce bespoke technology solutions that are fit for purpose and deliver better value than off the shelf solutions. For clients operating bridges or mines it means safer more reliable environments for people. For cold chain suppliers it means more energy efficient systems. TAD make smart devices that MUST WORK.

Execution is strategy

Most likely you would have seen one of TAD’s ‘Armadillos’ - a remote sentry that uses lasers, heat and movement detectors to identify unwanted visitors on building sites. If you own a boat you would have heard of VirCru, TAD’s robust marine smart sensor. They also supply very tough, very long lasting telemetry devices that report day in day out on the behaviour of essential infrastructure. Continuous refinement is in TAD’s DNA so the brand changes, adapts and evolves.


  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy and architecture
  • Brand design and implementation
  • Marketing and Sales strategy


“We had a relatively narrow skill set aimed at a very narrow audience. Now that we have a proposition based around problem solving excellence it opens us up to a much wider audience, without losing site of who we are are and what we are very good at.”
Jack Maile - TAD Marketing Director

Business shift

Products that MUST WORK
End to end service
Problem Solving
Expensive to better
Fit for purpose
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