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We asked 2000 people ‘what’s stopping you from being green?’ They said money, effort and confusion. In 2017 we designed a renewable home energy technology brand to tackle these barriers to sustainable living. Built around the idea of ‘sustainability without sacrifice’ we made it cheaper, easier, better and faster for customers to make the green choice. Pure Planet encouraged an inclusive and open approach, inviting voices from its community and partners to shape its net zero lifestyle proposition.

Beyond business

To engage customers and change behavior, Pure Planet needed to move beyond utility to become a movement, and beyond energy to become a net zero platform. We made the connection between customers choices and their impact on climate change and removed barriers to entry. Switching to Pure Planet’s renewable energy means you don’t sacrifice money - the energy is passed on at wholesale prices, time isn’t a barrier - we helped design the fastest switch in the UK. Switching was easy. Customer service was industry leading.

Execution is strategy

Alongside the Pure Planet marketing and product development team, we created the fastest switch in the UK and designed an app to nudge customers through cheap, easy, green steps towards a net zero lifestyle. We continuously tested messaging on social media to give us insights into what customers value most. It helped us deliver digital campaigns that consistently outperformed. Pure Planet’s customer service and app were rated Excellent on Trustpilot and nominated by Which? two years running.


  • Brand positioning, design and guidelines
  • Web, app and service design
  • Service design principles and design system
  • Paid social media campaigns
  • Organic social strategy and creative
  • Reports and thought leadership campaigns
  • Event design
  • Support and mentoring for Pure Planet team


  • First ALL digital energy supplier
  • Over 150,000 customers in two years
  • Over 2 million tonnes of CO2 saved
  • Over 10,000 5 star Trust Pilot reviews
  • Which? recommended two years running
  • U Switch App of the year

Business shift

From home energy to people power
From meter readings to global impact
From wanting to switch to wanting to stay

Pure Planet brand evolution - brand language as a call to action

Pure Planet bespoke Icon library

Pure Planet app screens

Service and brand design for Pure Planet zero Carbon App

Annual sustainability report: Survey 2000 UK citizens and climate experts in politics, fashion, manufacturing

Pure Planet sustainability

Annual sustainability report supporting paid social campaign

Pure Planet Guardian website

Prospects campaign for The Guardian take over

Brand awareness social campaign

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