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Opteran is a tech spin out creating Artificial Intelligence for autonomous machines. They asked us to create a brand and narrative to attract investors. Opteran’s story evolved through conversations with scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs into a brand narrative based on proven, evolved solutions to autonomy - Natural Intelligence. Nature has been using billions of test pilots (birds, bees, us) for millions of years to solve autonomy - start there. Opteran’s unique approach to creating AI is to map real brains onto silicon chips.

Beyond business

We love working with university spin outs, their ambition huge. AI is often used to describe machine learning - a pattern based approach that needs a lot of time and energy to work. Opteran’s solution is undoubtedly innovative but we chose to play that down and build on the fact that their approach is based on evolved solutions that nature has been using for millions of years. Natural Intelligence is all around us everyday and Opteran know how to harness it to make smarter, more independent machines.

Execution is strategy

The Opteran brand narrative was honed during rounds of investor, partner and industry meetings and workshops. Natural Intelligence provided the narrative ‘hook’ for pitches, presentations and executive summaries that caught investor imaginations. It helped Opteran secure the €2.3 million funding they needed to take the next step. “The benefits and step change Natural Intelligence can bring to the field of autonomy are profound.” Rob Desborough, CEO of Spacecamp.


  • Brand narrative
  • Visual brand elements
  • Executive summary structure
  • Messaging hierarchy
  • Presentation graphics
  • Website art direction and animations


  • Secured €2.3 million investment
  • Launched Green Hornet autonomy platform at the Science museum

Business shift

Machine learning
Nature is smarter
Natural machines
Evolution is more efficient
A solution that’s worked for millenia
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Opteran’s core features

Opteran logo

A natural brain copied onto silicon chips

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Launch website

Logo designs

Promotional imagery

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