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Insurance is increasingly bundled into other products and services. Dutch insurance provider Achmea International faced being increasingly disconnected from its customers and knew that it had to move beyond insurance to stay relevant. We designed workshops where the senior leaders of Achmea’s operating companies could develop new products and services and get aligned around the Onlia brand. The early concepts and prototypes from these workshops directly informed the final products and services.

Beyond business

We developed a brand narrative around Onlia, asking customers to share their dreams and ambitions. Putting this conversation firmly at the heart of the brand enabled Onlia to get real insight into where they can build better, higher value products, services and partnerships. Customers get a powerful organisation in their corner. Onlia get a valued relationship.

Execution is strategy

The proposition has materialised in the service as an app called Sense that rewards safe driving through cash back incentives. Onlia launched with a stated purpose to ‘Make Canada’s roads safer’. The shift from insurance as a ‘penalty‘ to a reward and a force for positive change has paid off. It is one of Canada’s most successful startups and Fairfax, Achmea’s International’s partner, has agreed a joint venture to roll-out Onlia globally.


  • Brand elements
  • Guidelines
  • Operating Company workshops
  • Early product concepts


  • Fairfax JV to roll-out Onlia internationally
  • Successfully launched and is one of the fastest growing digital insurance companies in Canada

Business shift

A conversation about the future
The value is the relationship
Products that benefit communities
LinkedIn post

Onlia impact

Design process

Onlia workshop materials for co-creation session

Design process

Onlia team workshop

Phone screens

Onlia brand and service concepts

Three phone screens

Onlia digital experience

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