Everyone essential

At ‘Europe’s MIT’, Government, academics and businesses meet to build clusters around sustainable energy, biotech, space and quantum computing. Harwell Campus asked us to create a brand idea for the site to elevate awareness and unite its hundreds of organisations. To create the brand idea we listened to investors, government, academics, scientists and entrepreneurs. The idea that unites them is Brilliance Everyday. The only icon big enough to contain Harwell’s Campus's - the sun.

Beyond business

At Harwell Campus, boundaries are pushed, at a quantum or global level, 24/7/365. We created stories that celebrate interconnectedness: where problem solving meets ambitious investment to create opportunities that benefit everyone. At Harwell Campus, boundaries are being broken. You can sit down to lunch and see biologists talk to space engineers about how to grow stem cells faster in low earth orbit. We need places like Harwell to solve big problems and create a sustainable future. It’s a staggeringly inspiring place full of incredibly modest people.

Execution is strategy

‘Brilliance Everyday’ is clearly seen in Harwell’s Campus's Masterplan - an innovation town, where brilliant people live, work and share ideas. Our brand positioning identified three components that make Harwell unique: scale, activity, collaboration. ​​The sun imagery communicates these strengths - a container for all the elements that fuse at Harwell Campus. There has been significant investment from the government in the campus, real estate assets have increased in value and thousands of jobs have been created since we branded Harwell Campus’s new era.


  • Cross campus interviews and workshops
  • Brand narrative for Harwell Campus
  • Brand identity and guidelines
  • Intranet and campus app design
  • Campus signage
  • Promotional videos


  • Gross Asset Values increased by 15x
  • Over £750m of HM Government investment
  • Innovation clusters tripled, creating thousands of jobs
Over 6000 strong communities of scientists, engineers and innovators

  • Over £3 billion of national science facilities
Brookfields acquired 50% stake in Harwell Campus in 2021

Business shift

Where innovation and investment meet
Designed for spontaneous innovation
The story is the outcome
Harwell logo

The only icon big enough to contain Harwell’s ambition - the sun.

A community driven website to convey ‘scale, activity and collaboration’

Creating value - a place designed for serendipity

Building and man

Diamond Light Source, UK's national synchrotron science facility (left)

Harwell posters

Strategy materialised in community events proposal

Harwell design board

Harwell Campus brochure - scale, Activity, Collaboration story

Harwell business diagram

Harwell editorial spread

Harwell smart car

Harwell ‘What if’

Harwell interior

Harwell interior

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