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A generation of potential homeowners are caught in a catch 22. They regularly pay high rent but can’t get a mortgage. Generation Home(Gen H)’s innovative approach to risk and sharing equity makes it possible for groups of people to buy homes easily.
 Gen H’s initial plan was to aim their proposition at groups of friends, but it became clear over rounds of testing that the most receptive launch audience would be families. For younger buyers the journey was more emotional, 'Bank Of Mum And Dad' needed facts and safety nets. We designed the brand and service on this insight.

Beyond business

We made the mission the brand name. Gen H read the rulebook forensically, to understand where they could innovate and be the mortgage provider for generation rent. Their ambition was to provide more ways into home ownership through building an accessible, seamless experience from mortgage application, to offer, to keys in the door - more ways into homeownership. A simple mantra that kicked off their campaign - 'STOP RENTING. START BUYING'. Generation Home is a mortgage lender built by first-time buyers Sophia and Will, for first-time Buyers.

Execution is strategy

Interviews with first-time buyers revealed that the terminology and process involved in buying a house felt overwhelming, so we ensured that every touchpoint was simple. An instant tool which showed how much you could borrow made Gen H’s offer more tangible and online advice from first-time buyers made homeownership less scary. They quickly built 12,000 followers on Instagram - more than almost every other mortgage provider. Gen H have completed a £30 million series A funding round and have Peter Thiel (PayPal) on their board.


  • Customer focus groups
  • Brand positioning
  • Naming
  • Visual brand elements
  • Product architecture and naming
  • Website design
  • Service design
  • Investor presentations


  • £30 million series A investment
  • £300 million debt funding
  • 12,000 followers on Instagram
  • Trust Pilot rating 'Excellent'

Business shift

A brand that speaks to a generation
People like me
One way
A flexible, solution based approach
Many ways
Many parts
A simple end to end experience
One roof

Service design, UI design and product architecture

Generation Home studio photography

Generation Home, campaign photography shoot for website and social

Generation Home social media campaign

Generation Home launch website

Generation Home icon and animation developement

Generation Home 3 users

Generation Home values

Generation Home wall posters
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