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After speaking to high net worth individuals, professionals and investors, we realised that the key to any financial relationship is - am I in control of my money? Am I alert to market fluctuations and global events? Do brokers share my attitude to risk? Based on these insights we developed a brand and proposition that reflects the algorithmic strength of the platform and satisfies the audiences' desire for a relationship built on control, customisation and trust.

Beyond business

When you create the space for everyone to be creative, magic happens. During a workshop, delivering news from Intellectual Property lawyers that our favourite names weren’t available, one of our clients started searching for alternatives. “Our platform is like Iron Man, a hi-tech suit with a human being in control - an exoskeleton.“ We were incredibly relieved when Exo survived the trademark minefield. Exo delivers control, as much or as little as you want, is constantly alert, beyond anything a broker can do. The ultimate co-pilot.

Execution is strategy

We built the brand experience around control and customisation. Exo gives you three options when creating your portfolio. Automatic, Assisted and Custom. The logotype is simply executed and highlights the balanced relationship between investor and the AI. A clean, clear brand and digital experience that puts the investor in control. It worked. ‘abrdn has concluded a deal to buy Exo. The acquisition will help abrdn develop an industry leading technology solution for investors.’ abrdn.com


  • Naming
  • Visual brand elements
  • Digital customer testing


‘abrdn has concluded a deal to buy Exo Investing from Nucoro for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will help abrdn develop an industry leading technology solution for investors.’ abrdn.com

Business shift

From someone else to me enhanced
From hoping it’s ok to knowing it’s ok
Alert and connected

Exo strategy - your investment co-pilot

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Exo onboarding messaging and brand mark as UI

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Exo visual identity

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Exo impact

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Exo campaign

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