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Brompton’s most important product launch in decades (and the culmination of years of research and development), the Brompton Electric (BE) is every bit Made for Cities. Its price tag made it critical; we positioned the BE as an alternative to trains and cars to avoid cannabalising Brompton’s core audience. We spoke to commuters about their misgivings around using a bike. Safety, sweat and security were the issues that came up most often. The brief: address concerns around bikes and elevate the BE story into a healthier and more enjoyable alternative to a train and a more sustainable and predictable alternative to a car.

Beyond business

Our work positions the BE as an icon for greener, smarter city commuters. Commuting on a BE reduces congestion, pollution and CO2. It is faster (average inner city speed 15mph versus a car 9mph). It provides the rider with some light cardio (the electric motor assists the rider, it doesn’t do all the work). Used regularly a BE pays for itself in saved train fares, improves health, reduces pollution and transforms a commute from a necessary evil into something predictable and pleasurable.

Execution is strategy

The Rescue Your Rush Hour (event) provided a counterpoint on which to highlight the BE benefits. Commuters leaving Kings Cross Station were given the opportunity to immediately experience a much better alternative. A quick (recorded) spin around Kings Cross produced authentic content from potential customers. It also gave us the feedback and reassurance we needed that we had the right approach. Video testimonials and delighted commuter quotes were used to power the social launch campaign. The commuter story runs through all BE promotional material.


  • Product positioning strategy
  • Brompton Electric branding
  • Launch campaign concept
  • Campaign and product imagery


"The company hasn't messed with its winning formula - its just been given a turbo boost"

Business shift

Expensive bike
A commuter solution
Cheap commute
No sweat
Light exercise
Repositioning rush hour
Best part of the day

Brompton Electric brand

Brompton Electric strapline

Brompton electric 3 panels

Brompton Electric in store campaign photography

Brompton electric sticker

Brompton Electric guerilla campaign mark for ‘Rush Hour Rescue’

Brompton electric photoshoot

Brompton Electric guerilla campaign messaging for ‘Rush Hour Rescue’

Brompton electric social
Brompton Electric lady carrying bike

Brompton, campaign photography for instore, online and social

Brompton Electric bike folded with bag

Brompton, campaign photography for instore, online and social

Brompton Electric bike unfolded

Brompton, campaign photography for instore, online and social

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