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Brompton were worried about losing control of their brand as they rapidly expanded into 44 global cities. By using inconsistent messaging and poor quality branded merchandise, dealerships were eroding confidence in a brand built on engineering excellence. We spoke to commuters, conventional bike owners and non bike owners to understand what stopped them using a bike and what made a Brompton appealing. Its ability to solve city problems soon emerged as the focus for the brand.

Beyond business

A Brompton’s small wheels make it easier to accelerate and manoeuvre around traffic. The compact fold means it can fit under work desks and in smaller urban homes. We encouraged Brompton to focus on the sum of those features. The bike gives city dwellers more options: it makes city living easier, healthier and more fun. It is
MADE FOR CITIES. This brand proposition guides product development global marketing activity. The world’s best folding bike is now made in London by people who want to help cities move better.

Execution is strategy

Will Carly-Smith, Brompton’s head of product design said, “'MADE FOR CITIES' helps us decide features to prioritise and new products to develop.“ The hugely successful Brompton Electric is positioned as a solution to unhealthy, lengthy commutes, air pollution and congestion. New Bike Hire and leasing schemes and an expanding range of urban clothing and accessories all underline Brompton’s commitment to making cities better. And they’ve gone from selling 10,000 bikes a year to 60,000.


  • Customer and dealership research and insights
  • Brand strategy, narrative and positioning
  • Product and service architecture
  • Product launch campaigns
  • Launch videos and animation
  • Visual brand refresh and guidelines
  • Internal messaging
  • Service design for Bike Hire


Brompton bike sales race ahead
“The business sold 59,052 of its distinctive folding bikes”
January 13 2021, The Times.

“Strategically, NotNormal got us to realise we’re a global company; we weren’t speaking on a global platform.”
Will Butler-Adams OBE, Brompton CEO.

Business shift

Folding bikes
An idea bigger than the product
Improving cities
Local dealers
A story that unites global cities
Global Issues
Marketing story
From selling to campaigning
Company mission

Brompton, campaign photography for instore, online and social

Animated brand mark

Brompton logo

Brompton triptych and brand achitecture

Brompton guidelines

Brompton brand guidelines - how to speak, look and behave

Brompton - 'MADE FOR CITIES'

Brompton logo marks

Brompton icon suite

Brompton ‘Unseen’ City - a film-making campaign for intstagram with a judging panel led by director Guy Ritchie

Brompton company values

Brompton company values

Brompton - animated icon set

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