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What the Internet of Things could do for your business

Written By , 4 years ago

Some thoughts inspired by our work with EVRYTHNG.

The internet of things is becoming a reality. Soon people will be sharing photos and ideas with the products around them, just like with their friends. Objects that are still fairly dumb will soon be able to do all sorts because they too will have internet profiles.

Imagine a bike that knows how much it’s worth, when you’re wearing your helmet and when it’s been stolen. Or imagine a camera that can tell you when you’re near a great location for a shot – or a bottle of spirit that will pay for itself if you can get six friends around to drink it with you. All this is happening right now and it means you can:

Save money
No more cardboard: ultra smart personalised point-of-sale means no more shipping tons of cardboard and paper around the globe – create completely unique one-to-one “moments” with passing customers straight to their smartphones.

Make money
Cross sell Nirvana: just show your new credit card/car/coffee maker to your phone and connect to your customer services representative, order refills and get an accurate insurance quote instantly.

Know what’s working
Fail faster: get really really useful real-time behavioural data.  Know what when why where and how people are using your stuff to a degree of accuracy and detail you never thought possible – tell a good idea/product/service from a bad one very quickly.

Maintain premium prices
I’m genuine: the web of things is bad news for counterfeiters. Things will be able to prove they are who they say they are. No more fake Whisky, knock off Prada bags or pretend Chemo drugs. People pay more for the real McCoy.

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